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Wednesday, December 13, 2017


The monthly Ladies' Luncheon was held today in beautiful downtown Blind River at the 17 Restaurant in our own private room.  26 beautiful local ladies showed up to enjoy each others' company.  Plus there was a gift exchange which we got out of the way first thing.  I picked number 9 (or 6 but Linda already had number 6) and I received two beautiful Christmas ornaments in a nice reusable bag and some nice new paper that I will reuse.  Considering how many there were of us, we all received our food fairly quick.  My toasted Western on their home made bread was delicious.
After lunch we walked along the main street and looked at other stores in town.
When I got home Rejean told me about some ice formations on the lake by the beaver dam.  I went down to get some pictures - they looked like feathers had been dropped all over the little bay.  I am sure they won't be there tomorrow so got some nice shots.  It has been cold here - this morning it was -30 in Wharncliffe - all the lakes are making ice.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


We put the last of the 4 wheelers away and got the Snow machine in the garage ready to go out when the snow gets a bit deeper.  We got a snowmobile trailer last year so hopefully this year we will be able to transport our machine to the trails we purchase Trail Passes to so we can use the trails.
And a picture of one of our "crop circles" that we have on our lake.  It is freezing up nicely after today when it is still -16 out there with a good stiff wind.  It was cold walking to get the mail.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


It is -10 outside and the wind is blowing the snow and ice around - looks a lot like winter up here.  The lake was frozen over about 80% last week but with the rain we got and the milder temperatures, the ice has sort of shrunk.  But with these temperatures it is making ice.
I have my show tires on and all my winter hats and scarves and gloves are handy so I am ready.

Sunday, December 3, 2017


It is a Christmas tradition that my M-I-L Claire,  bakes/cooks tourtiere pies and gives them out as gifts to her children and grandchildren and D-I-Ls like me.  This year they set a record of 36 pies in 4 1/2 hours - all hand made and home made pastry in a home with one oven.  Talk about a production line.
This year Matthew helped out Anne, Nikki and Claire.  I hope to make the team next year if they give me about two days notice to make the trip down to Windsor.
And usually earlier in the year they make a good batch of chili sauce to accompany the meat pies.
It is a gift of Love that you can eat and enjoy and savour every mouthful.

I look forward to Christmas Eve for my first taste of this year's pies.  They will be delicious!!

Monday, November 27, 2017


On our shopping day in Florida, Joanne came across this picture in one of the stores.  She didn't buy it at first - she had to tell us about it and we made her go back and look at it again.  Needless to say it was an easy sell.

It is us

I have actual photos of us like this on the beach but this picture says it best of all.  It is why we go to Florida.  We all enjoy the beach so much and our time together spent at the beach is so blissful.  So relaxing watching the waves and the people and the birds and the boats and people floating in the air behind powerboats held aloft by a big parachute.  Our toes in the sand or the water.  Our matching drink cups filled to the brim before we came down because it is a long walk back for a refill.  All in our different colour bathing suits sitting on colourful hand me down beach chairs left by last weeks guests at the hotel.

 We will have to work on our hats for next year, ladies.  I think straw would be nice to have.

Susan said she was the one on the left checking her phone and Joanne was on the right in her new blue bathing suit.  I guess that leaves me in the middle - right where I belong - surrounded by my Sisters whom I love very much.  I can't wait 'til next year

Thursday, November 23, 2017


Well it is all over for this year - our annual Scott Sisters' St Pete Beach vacation.  Two weeks of beautiful weather, delicious food and thirst quenching drinks.  The beautiful sunsets every nite we viewed with our cocktails in our new drink cups courtesy of Charlie and Monty who sent us some money to buy them from the resort.  They are Tervis thermal cups which kept our drinks very very cold.  Thank you Charlie and Monty!!
Mornings were spent walking - or trollying - to breakfast then back to the Bon Aire for our sun bathing which we did all afternoon.  It was glorious.
Mitch came with us this year and he worked out very well and is welcome back anytime.  Altho he didn't get us too many drinks or carry all our purchases for us.  But he did drive us shopping one day.
We scooped some beach chairs early on and made good use of them down by the water where it was much cooler with the breezes and it afforded us the best place to people watch.  We also got some tubes that Susan and Joanne played with in the water.
The last picture is of our feet showing our pedicures - Susan has the blue toes and Joanne has the pink toes - I am the coral colour with the ankle bracelet on - which goes on the first day and comes off the last day.  Just a tradition I like to stick with.
Reservations are all made for next year same time and same place but a different section of the resort for our room.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


I think the Scott Sisters got their love of motorcycles from our Father.  When we were in St Pete Beach we took in the First Annual St Pete Beach Bike Fest held at the Tradewinds resort.  I have never seen so many bikes - the majority of them Harley Davidson's with a few other models scattered here and there.  There were thousands - they put plastic down on the tennis courts and parked some bikes there.  There were a ton them ready for the auction held on Friday and Saturday.  There was a tent set up for the "custom" bikes.  The bike in the last picture had a 34" front wheel and the owner drove it on the highway from New Port Richie.  They had tents set up for t-shirts and patches and all sorts of leather gear.  Helmets and bike parts were everywhere.  And the noise!!!!  It was amazing.  I love the sound of a Harley.  You can feel it in your bones.  St Pete Beach has one main street - Gulf Blvd - and I could have set up my beach chair out on the sidewalk and watched all the bikes go by.  An amazing sight to see.  And Hear!!!