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Monday, April 23, 2018


It has finally started to be spring like here up north.  It was nice enough that we got the car and truck washed inside and out.  And we had the new bikes out for a ride yesterday.  Nice ride - very smooth.
Rejean cleared a path to the other garage today, and I got to ride my bike over to deliver some refreshments for him.  Won't take much for this snow to melt as the weather is supposed to remain nice for the remainder of the week.
But still a lot of snow to go...


Finally got a chance to head out to count our owls on Saturday nite.  It had been postponed three times before because of the weather.  I think we nailed it on Saturday as it was beautiful.
I hosted dinner before our count.  Sticky chicken legs, baked baby potatoes and broccoli.  Mary made a salad and Ginny desert.  Ute was responsible for the snacks out on the road.
At about 6:30 we were ready to hit the highway.  We gathered for a picture.  Please excuse the 500 layers of clothes on us but it does get a bit chilly out there.  We started out at +8 and ended up at 0 by the end of the night.
We head up the highway to a designated starting spot and then work our way south along highway 129 - every 2 - 3 km or so we stop to play a tape then listen for any response.  There are 10 spots.  It was a beautiful night - no wind and a clear sky.  I had a device that amplified the sound as I can't hear the owls normally.  It hooked up to my headphones so they did double duty as ear muffs and a hearing aid.
The bottom picture is of the snacks Ute made for the road.  We don't go hungry on our excursions.  I munched on grapes and Ritz crackers and a Baby Bell cheese round.  Very Good!!
We heard Sandhill Cranes and saw a hawk fly by.  And on our last stop - as usually happens - we heard the Barred Owl - actually 2 of them in different locations.  I only heard one call but that was enough to make me happy.
All over Ontario people were out doing the same thing - listening for the owls and reporting their findings back to Bird Studies Canada who keeps track of all the data we collect.  All volunteers as well.
We have so much fun that it really doesn't seem like work to us.  I look forward to this night and spending time with my friends doing something that matters.

Thursday, April 19, 2018


The Ladies Luncheon was held at Gilbertson's on St Jos Island today.  They are known for their maple syrup and pancakes.  Which is what I ordered - one pancake - which filled the plate - and two maple sausages which were delicious.  I was full after my lunch.  The other ladies' lunches looked just as good - there was french toast and grilled cheese sandwiches with their famous maple mustard, scrambled eggs with a side of fruit.  Everyone enjoyed their meals.  We browsed the gift shop after and I couldn't find the fudge that was advertised on a sign and I didn't look very hard.  Saved again.

We took the long way home and saw this amazing house right on shore with a magnificent view of the channel.  The ice is slowly melting on the water which was a beautiful shade of blue today.  A nice day.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Even the little squirrels are buried under the snow.  They eat nonstop all day.

Looking across the bay Jimmy's Point is under a bit of snow.  The little bench on the point is  being swallowed by the fluffy white stuff.

Plus just a couple more nice snowy pictures brought to us by Mother Nature on April 17.

And it has just started snowing again...

Monday, April 16, 2018


My outfit of the day was my winter coat with the hood up because IT WAS SNOWING.  Another 6 inches or so of fresh white snow.  But I think we dodged a bullet based on the rest of the province.  I will take snow over freezing rain any day.
I got some action shots of the two Downy or Hairy woodpeckers who frequent my neighbourhood for the suet I leave out.  Other birds like the bluejays enjoy it as well.
The Canada Geese and the Sandhill Cranes are back in the fields on the way to town.  I can't say that they are early because usually the latter part of April is supposed to be a bit warmer and greener than what we have right now.  But it can't last forever

Wednesday, April 11, 2018


Snowing right now and snow expected thru the week with accumulation - on top of all the stuff we already have.  At this rate, the snow will be here when the kids gets here in June!!!
On a good note, it would be the first time they have seen snow...

Wednesday, April 4, 2018


We are being hit again today with another 6 inches of snow.  Will this never end!!  I thought we were done with the "6 more weeks of winter"  I think we are into the 7th or 8th week with no end in sight!
These pictures were taken today April 4th.  The Canada Geese and Sandhill's are back a wee bit early.
Snow and -10 - nice.