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Wednesday, November 15, 2017


We shopped from 9am until 8:30 including 45 minutes for dinner at Dockside Dave’s for a delicious Grouper dinner. Mitch was our driver and he lasted the whole day shopping with the Scott Sisters. Our trunk was full. We know all the good places to go on Tuesdays -all the stores that have senior discounts and Tuesday discounts plus all our coupons. We made out like bandits!!
We made up for our missed day on the beach today. Sue and I had yougurt for breakfast so we could be out on the beach early while Joanne and Mitch returned the car. It was a glorious day and we finished the day by sitting in our beach chairs down by the water then enjoyed the sunset after our showers with cocktails in hand. Our dinner tonite was at Hurricane’s. The girls split some Grouper tacos and Mitch had a Grouper fish and chip dinner. We could see the trolley stop from the restaurant so we knew when to leave. I had to run back and get Sue’s Levi jacket she forgot in the restaurant. We finished the night with Fireball shots down by the beach and now we are all tucked in and getting much needed rest for tomorrow’s festivities -the Biker Rally - there are already a bunch of bikers riding up and down Gulf Avenue. Love the sound of the Harley’s But there are a ton of the 3 wheelers all done up with lights and flags and beautiful people riding - most without helmets which is funny to see.
By the way I did see some faux leather jackets shopping yesterday that were very reasonable but Joanne and Sue didn’t want to get them. Party Poopers!!!

Monday, November 13, 2017


No pictures yet but those will be when I get home. Having an amazing time with my Sisters and Mitch who is fitting in just fine. Tomorrow is our shopping day. We have mapped out our route and expect to be on the road in our rental car by 9am.
This Thursday there is a Bike Fest down at the Trade Winds Resort with free beach concerts featuring Vince Neil who sang for Montley Crüe. The. Festival is all weekend long so it should be great entertainment seeing all the bikes and the bikers!!  There is wet t-shirt contests and bikini contests and a great display of all the Harley’s and Indians and Triumps etc.
I think I will look for something leather tomorrow to wear...

Pictures next week

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


The boys all dressed up as Super Heros - Charlie on the left and Monty on the right and - I am going out on a limb here - but I think that is Dave the Dad in the middle.  Just guessing.

The boys just love dinosaurs!!  Well Done!

Monday, October 30, 2017


I almost forgot to roll all my coinage!!!  All year I save all the coins I can get my hands on - if I see it, I take it and into the jar it goes for my Florida vacation.  This year I got $257 Canadian dollars which is pretty good.  Back in the old days when both of us were working,  I would get close to $1000 from all the coins in the jar.
The Scott Sister's Florida trip is coming up at the end of this week.  This year Mitch is coming with us.  He thinks he is just going to be relaxing on the beach with us but he will be working.  He will carry all our packages when we go shopping, he will take our pictures (from all 3 cameras or I-phones) and refresh our drinks during the day.  Well, maybe we won't work him that hard.  It will be fun having Mitch with us this year.


We bought Ron and Mary's fifth wheel trailer and another friend bought ours.  They were both exchanged and delivered yesterday so now everyone is happy.  Ron and Mary already had another fifth wheel Jayco.
We have enjoyed our little trailer for a number of years but knew that we needed a bit more room in our "golden" years.  The new trailer has a bump out for the kitchen table and couch area.  We sat  7 people in it one night and it wasn't crowded in the least.
Next spring we will get it out and clean it and start stocking all the stuff you need to be comfortable back up at Hinckler.
We will have to flip a coin to see where we play cards at night after our days of hunting and fishing.  Ron is always my partner.

Saturday, October 28, 2017


Last night was the fish fry at the Thessalon Legion - the last Friday of every month except December, July and August.  It was raining so I didn't think the turnout would be that good but boy was I wrong. We have a special table set up for us downstairs near the bar.  Al, the former bartender, has been doing this for our gang for years.  There is a white plastic table cloth and salt shakers placed on the table.  Linda requested some extra tables and chairs be set up as there was going to be more of us than usual.  There had to be over 30 of us show up and everyone had a place to sit.
The first picture is of the wine pours at the Legion.  You really get a full glass of wine.  Always!!
The next picture is of our gang - and still some showed up after this picture was taken.  Everyone has such a good time visiting and catching up on stuff going on.
The next picture is of the line up that reached all the way back to the front door.  You have to stand in line to get your meal.  You can take your drinks up while you are waiting.  the line moves pretty good and it gives you a chance to see everyone who is there.  It is part of the tradition.  the next picture is of the end of the line.  You pick up your paper plate and napkin and cutlery at the start.  Then on to the pickles, buns, cole slaw, baked potatoes, butter and tartar sauce.  You usually have time to fix your potato while waiting for the fish.  And it is fresh out of the fryer.  Only 4 people can be served at a time and you usually get 4 good size pieces - but last nite we only got 3 as the crowd was so big they were afraid they would run out (they didn't so people could go back up for more).  Then at the end of your meal there is vanilla ice cream in a cup and either (or both) strawberry or butterscotch topping for desert.
The last picture is of my plate last nite and I apologize for the ketchup on the fish but I happen to like it that way.  I have no idea when it started but I like it.
It was slow getting out of there last nite.  Everyone is visiting with everyone and saying goodbye and making plans to meet later or next year.  Mark and Pam and Brent and Nat were leaving and wouldn't be back until next year.  And Joanne and Mitch are leaving next week - with me - to Florida!!!!


Finally able to post on the blog.  The "fix" was to unplug the computer and then plug it back in and voila!!  Fixed.  Really high tech stuff.  Now I know.
The colours up here weren't really that great this year.  I think with the beautiful fall weather we had it confused the trees and they stopped producing the colours.  But after the big wind and rain we had at the beginning of this week, they are pretty much done.
We got over to see Joanne and Mitch last weekend - it was a good day too as everyone showed up for some shooting of the proverbial shit.  They have a lot to still get done before closing up the cottage for winter.
We headed back to Hinckler for a couple of days of hunting.  We arrived Sunday and got a couple of hours in.  We got 4 birds which is pretty good.  Two for me and two for him.  AND a saw a pretty big garter snake slithering around the bush.  October 22nd and still snakes out!!  It was nice and warm that day.  Hopefully he found someplace to hibernate as it is getting cold now.  It rained all day Monday so we stayed in and played cards with Ron and Mary.  We headed home Tuesday as planned.
The last two pictures are of some Hallowe'en decorations I passed by today.  Notice the camo pants on the scarecrow on the right and the blaze orange on the other one.  And the two pumpkins placed on top of a hay bale in front of the mail box.
I have a pumpkin at my front door but only until it is taken away for deer food...