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Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Haven't posted pictures of the boys for a while so what better way of wishing everyone a Happy Valentines Day than using my little Valentines.

I can see they enjoy the beach just like me.  That is the sweet little Charlie Barley in the red and the cutie pie Monty Moo in the white.  I stand by my declaration of identity.

I hope you get to spend your Valentines Day with your Valentine.

Sunday, January 28, 2018


Ron picked another beautiful day to go snowmobiling again - sunny and cold but when you dress for the conditions, you are fine.
I was ok going across the lakes this time - there was no slush in sight and it was probably too cold for it anyway.  We visited Pineland,  Highland Lake, Caribou Lake and Damm Lake and Wakamata and Jobam.  We did the tour.  The trails we were on are Wilderness trails and not the groomed ones that you need your trail pass for.  They are just single lane trails through the thick bush so you have to go slow because of all the turns and dips and dives and bridges over streams as the 4th picture shows.  I got off the machine and walked across it - I was a bit scared to go over riding on the back of the machine.  Every time I got off the machine I fell into the snow - it was a bit deep once you get off the trail and I had so many clothes on I couldn't move too gracefully.
We came across a few people fishing on the lakes - a few fish were caught but not many.  But it was too nice a day not to be out on the lakes.
The next time we go out we will be fishing.  Ron is getting a new auger so we will be testing it out.

The second last picture is of Stacey and Andrew's place on Jobam - looks different in the winter...

Saturday, January 20, 2018


Just the boys playing in their "sand box".  This is  the Rhub Al Khali Desert in the United Arab Emirates where Jodie and Dave just let them go to climb these dunes.  We were there in 2016 and the sand is just a beautiful shade of red and gold and very fine so it gets into everything and is very hard to brush off.  It is the largest continuous sand desert in the world, encompassing most of the southern third of the Arabian Peninsula.  It covers over 250,000 square miles and is part of the larger Arabian Desert.  It is beautiful.  And Star Wars - The Force Awakens was filmed here, too.

These little guys are so fortunate to get to experience that part of the world's culture - they are such little dare devils.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


The fishing was not hot and heavy but enough were caught so that there was a fish fry on their final evening in Bear Creek Cottages.
I gave Rejean my camera - all charged up - and asked him to get some pictures.  He took 4 on the last day probably their last few minutes in the huts.  No fish pictures and no pictures of the cabins.
The first picture is of Rodney, Shelley's boy friend who was along for this trip.  Then there is Jack on the left and Cam on the right in the next picture.  The last picture is outside of their hut looking at the other huts.  You can still see shore altho I was told they were 5Km out on the ice.  The owner drove his pickup truck hauling a trailer with all the guys (12 of them) out to their huts every morning and picked them up at the end of the day.
A good time was had by all!

Sunday, January 14, 2018


Walked by the dining room window and noticed this little guy out on a limb munching on the buds.  I grabbed by I-Pad and got some pictures of him.  I had to steady my hand on the window frame as my tremor was pretty good.  When I am excited or trying to do something you have to be steady for, it acts up a bit.  But I got a pretty good one I think.
I was surprised at how small a branch he was hovering on.  We get them around here sometimes.  We had one hang around for a long times last year but it may have been the one that hit my window and - long story short - we ended up eating him.  He was delicious and it was Marilou's first Partridge and she enjoyed it.
I came back a bit later and he was gone.  But I am sure he is hanging around here somewhere...

Thursday, January 11, 2018


The Boys' school had a petting zoo the other day.  All sorts of creatures for them to touch and hold.  As you can see, Charlie and Monty both have no fear of the snakes or lizards and sweet Charlie gets to hold his beloved tortoise in the bottom picture.

I have a feeling this summer we will be looking for snakes and more turtles for them  We really don't have any lizards like that here - but maybe a salamander or two will do.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Joanne sent this picture to me.  It is from one of the morning news shows where people send in pictures of their communities.
It is special to Joanne and I because we were both born in Claresholm Alberta.  It is not a place you hear a lot of so when we do, we take notice.  It was an air Force base bacon the 50's when we were born - not sure if it still is.
I would like to get back there one day just to have a look around.  It looks beautiful.