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Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Joanne doing her best to keep the bugs off her when fishing tonite.
I got the first one again but Joanne got skunked - with her new reel.  Oh well, it is still early...


Someone found this little guy in the water right where their dock was going.  This same person had an encounter with a Snapping Turtle a few years ago and named it Snippy.  I think Snippy had babies and this is one of them.
I thought it should be kept for the kids to play with when they come but I don't think Jodie would go for it.
They set it free.


Some of the pics Andrew took of our lake and property - kind of gives you an idea of the size and location of everything.
Takes great pictures!!


Andrew brought his drone up with him and the guys had it out this morning taking some pictures around the lake.  The pictures are amazing - you can see the whole lake and surrounding areas.  As I was taking pictures of them the drone was taking a picture of me!!!

Something tells me we will be seeing a lot more drone pictures in our future...

Monday, May 22, 2017


I can't call them "babies" anymore - they are full fledged little boys now.  They will be 3 on August 27th.
Charlie Barley on the left and Monty Moo on the right.

We will have the honour of their presence for 5 weeks this summer which I am really looking forward to - I think.  They are talking now so that will be fun and they are not leaving without them calling me Grandma or Gamma or whatever they choose to call me.

Let the fun begin...


It rained on Sunday so we all piled in the truck and went to visit MariLou in Elliot Lake.  We had a great visit and as we were leaving I spotted this little guy on the neighbour's front lawn munching some bird seed.  There was about 3 or 4 bird feeders on their lawn and I think this was the raccoon's personal feeding space.  This time of year you really don't need to feed the birds.  The feeders only attract raccoons and bears.
Thank goodness Sam didn't see this - he would have been a little excited.


May 20th came and went with enough success that we will be having a fish dinner tonite with all trimmings.  The black flies were out in force which means the fishing was good.  The middle picture is of the mornings catch - Rick and Rejean went out at 6am .  A wee bit too cold for me.  Fishing later on that evening was just right for me.
That is me in the first picture - I caught the first walleye and the smallest wallet - 2 separate fish.

Let the fishing begin...