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Friday, October 13, 2017


Lots of stuff happening up here during the last few weeks.  The leaves have finally decided that they do want to change after that amazing warm spell we had.  We finally got our summer weather and it totally confused the trees.  But now we are enjoying the colours - finally.
Mitch and Joanne have accomplished tons of work on their place.  Their new deck is amazing and really adds to their living space and Mitch's bbq area is used very frequently.  He got the idea from Pinterest!!  Who Knew?  They have painted their outhouse and bunk to match the garage - the house will be next year.
I also included a picture of our Thanksgiving feast from last week plus a picture of Joanne taking a picture of the coconut cream pie from Bobbers.  It was almost 100% coconut - of which I am not a fan.  Joanne and Rejean enjoyed it tho.  Next year I get to pick the pie!!  Cherry!
Rejean and I got away for a couple of days hunting up at Hinckler and we managed to get 12 - I replenished my soup supply.  It was a slow start but who really cared as the weather was perfect for riding the trails.  I got to see the back end of a big Lynx twice on the last day.  He was ahead of me on the trail and when I turned the corner I caught a glimpse of him.  I stopped to let Rejean know and then proceeded up the trail again and there he was - this time he ran into the bush.  But what a thrilling sight to see.  We immediately got a bird so I was keeping my eye out down the trail in case Mr. Lynx decided to try and steal our bird.
The picture of the sun rise and headlights let you know we were out at the crack of dawn in order to get to our spot for hunting that day,.  No one else around and with our new heated hand grips the cold was not an issue.
The last picture is for my sister Joanne.  She loves the Tamarack trees up here and they have started to turn golden.  Can't really tell in this picture but they were beautiful.
Doing all of our chores before winter comes - still lots to get done.

Monday, October 9, 2017


Had Joanne and Mitch over for Thanksgiving dinner yesterday.  Everything made from scratch as Joanne told me they don't like boxed stuffing or instant mashed potatoes.  So, I googled a few recipes for classic stuffing and went to work.  And it turned out delicious.  I surprised myself.  We brined the turkey at 9:30pm the nite before because we both forgot about doing it.  So after the movie we used the vegetable crisper in the fridge to hold the turkey and the brine.  Worked like a charm.  The real mashed potatoes and stuffing and cranberries and turkey were my responsibility and Joanne did the carrots and gravy and pie.  I put out some olives and beets and buns to finish the feast.
And everyone got  leftovers!!!

Thursday, October 5, 2017


Joanne and I managed to get away today to get a little fishing and quading in.  It was a beautiful day that started out overcast and cool - perfect for some walleye fishing.  Joanne got the first nibble and we got  two fish!!  We didn't stick around too much longer and headed across Snowshoe Creek and checked out the jacuzzi.  No fish but it was fun.  There is a lookout along the trail that could be dangerous if they didn't have a small rope across it that really couldn't stop anything from falling down that steep hill.
We decided to visit the Colony and had to cross that little bridge.  Didn't look too safe to me but Joanne and Mitch had crossed it in the spring so I figured if Mitch could cross it, I could.  And I did.  We followed a trail but had to turn back because it looked a bit muddy.  I got stuck in the mud and Joanne and I had to do some fancy maneuvering to get it out.  I had to hose it (and myself) down when I got home.
We had a nice cold beer in the sun room and laughed at our adventures today.

We missed you Susan!!!!

Thursday, September 28, 2017


It is fall so we get these guys hanging around our feeders.  Not a lot you can do but hope they just hit the corn once then be on their way.  We had a mother and cub a few weeks ago who have never returned and the occasional lone bear but I think this guy is someone new because I have never seen one so big before around here.  He/she looks to be an older bear because of it's size and shagginess of the fur but what do I know.
I wear my bear whistle when Joanne and I go for our walks and we both carry sticks so we feel a bit safer.  I know I will be looking over my shoulder when I go get the mail for a while...

Monday, September 25, 2017


We were on the lake by 7am this morning - Rejean's idea.  It started off slow but quickly picked up.  We were getting some smaller walleye but the majority were keepers.  I got a beautiful jumbo perch and a 34 inch pike!!!  Thought I had a snag and even released my line for Rejean to turn the boat around to try and free it.  When I tightened up my line I realized I had a fish on.  A big one!!  It pulled drag a number of times and I was hoping for a big walleye.  Turned out it was a big pike.  Just barely fit in the net.  I had him in the corner of his mouth thank goodness because I didn't have a leader on as we were just bottom bouncing with worms.  Got my picture taken with him and let him go.  Sorry Jack.  But what a fun time I had pulling him in - he was big!!
Between Rick and Rejean and myself we got enough for a nice fish dinner on Wednesday nite.

Saturday, September 23, 2017


Mitch and Joanne and Rejean and I visited our friends Roger and Ute last nite and enjoyed a beautiful sunset off their beach on the north shore of Lake Huron.  It was spectacular because of the clouds left over from the storm that had just passed by.
Roger and Ute get to experience this every nite but I don't think it is this beautiful every time.

Makes me anxious for the St Pete Beach sunsets coming soon...

Thursday, September 14, 2017


Rick and I went fishing this morning on the river and did not even get a bite.  The water was very high but it was a perfect morning - overcast and not too cold.  You always expect to get a couple of nibbles but nothing at all this morning.
But the colours were beautiful to see.  They are really starting to turn fast.
Joanne and I are climbing Candy Mountain again tomorrow morning so I will be sure to pack my camera.  Great view from up there.


She is still there - thank goodness.  This is a picture taken from the Facebook page of the Bon-Aire Resort in St Pete Beach.  Lots and lots of sand blown onto the resort from the beach but no flooding and except for a couple of trees and an awning, everything is fine.  Thanks to help from family and friends and employees, everything is back to normal.  And even our new found favourite bar, the Drunkin' Clam, is up and running with an added skylight.   The Tampa area dodged a bullet so to speak.  Looking at the damage to the rest of Florida, they were very lucky.

So vacation is still on...

Saturday, September 9, 2017


Every November for about the past ten years I have been going down to Florida during the same week to the same place - the Bon Aire - in St Pete Beach.
It is an amazing place kind of like what Florida was like back in the 50's.  Not a grand hotel like the Don Caesar down the street or the huge resort like the Trade Winds.  It is a family owned establishment that I have come to love and look forward to vacationing there each year.  I know where to go for a good breakfast.  There is a Walgreens right across the street and a Publix grocery store within walking distance and, most importantly, there is a liquor store also in the neighbourhood.  We know about the Beach Rides and about the Tuesday nite Mo-Town music by Act 3 at Sea Hags.  We know about the great Eggs Benedict at the Sea Turtle Restaurant and how good their fish and chips are.  Sunday breakfast at Beverley's and then the Corey Avenue market.  John's Pass has a great $10 jewellery store.
I know what this area has to offer.  I know people there.  I know what the Bon Aire looks like and how much I love it.
The monster storm heading their way scares the shit out of me.  I feel ill.  I can't not watch the news and know what is heading towards them.  The destruction that Irma has already left in her path is mind numbing.
I hope everyone is and stays safe.
Florida is in my thoughts and prayers

Saturday, September 2, 2017


Joanne and I are trying to get in some fun now that summer is almost over.  We went to the Big Pink Rock today to get some new rocks (as if we don't have enough already).  There were some puddles along the trail and now I have to wash my bike again.  Joanne too.
We called Susan when we got there - it is just not the same without her with us.  She answered the call and was with Shelley and her grandchildren - Colton, Camryn and little Aubrey on a spooky wagon ride.  I wonder who had more fun today?
We stopped at the old gold mine and drove down to the lake which was very high.  The shoreline was gone and the water was overflowing the banks.
And the leaves have started to turn here - actually quite a bit.
We are going to try and find a waterfall tomorrow after our walk.


Jodie tried on the boys' school uniforms and shared this picture with us.  Quite colourful outfits I must say.  Love the little hats and shoes.  Charlie doesn't look too happy but Monty seems to be ok with it.

Friday, September 1, 2017


Look who is back in the neighbourhood.  Mama Bear and Baby Bear and the big Poppa Bear.
Knowing that they are around and actually quite close, makes my walks to get the mail a bit dicey and Joanne doesn't want to walk thru the bush to get to the road for our morning walks.  I carry my Bear whistle and we both have walking sticks.  I am not too concerned but Joanne is a little leary so we walk the road for 90% of our walks.  We cut thru on the mine side for the end of the walk.
The berries have been very good this year so there is plenty of food in the bush for them - I just hope they decide to mosey along and out of this area.

And we saw this Monarch butterfly on our walk the other day.  Joanne got a few good pictures without disturbing him.  The next day it was in the same spot.  I guess he had died on the flower and just stuck to it.  Too bad.  We don't see a lot of Monarchs these days...

Sunday, August 27, 2017


My beautiful boys are three today.  My oh my times does fly - especially when you don't get to spend a lot of time with them.  The time you have together is so precious.  You try to drink it all in in the short period of time that they are with you.
They are typical three year olds but so special to me.
They love to run and climb and jump - they love dinosaurs and anything new.  They were fascinated by bugs and snakes and fish and showed no fear of worms.
They called me Grandma and I got a few special hugs and kisses.  I got to hold them when they were watching their Thomas The Train movies and fell asleep in my arms.
The smiles you get are heartwarming.
And I can tell who is who (except from the side and back).

I look so forward to the future and all the new adventures we get to share with them.

Happy Birthday Charlie and Monty!!  I love you with all my heart!