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Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Joanne doing her best to keep the bugs off her when fishing tonite.
I got the first one again but Joanne got skunked - with her new reel.  Oh well, it is still early...


Someone found this little guy in the water right where their dock was going.  This same person had an encounter with a Snapping Turtle a few years ago and named it Snippy.  I think Snippy had babies and this is one of them.
I thought it should be kept for the kids to play with when they come but I don't think Jodie would go for it.
They set it free.


Some of the pics Andrew took of our lake and property - kind of gives you an idea of the size and location of everything.
Takes great pictures!!


Andrew brought his drone up with him and the guys had it out this morning taking some pictures around the lake.  The pictures are amazing - you can see the whole lake and surrounding areas.  As I was taking pictures of them the drone was taking a picture of me!!!

Something tells me we will be seeing a lot more drone pictures in our future...

Monday, May 22, 2017


I can't call them "babies" anymore - they are full fledged little boys now.  They will be 3 on August 27th.
Charlie Barley on the left and Monty Moo on the right.

We will have the honour of their presence for 5 weeks this summer which I am really looking forward to - I think.  They are talking now so that will be fun and they are not leaving without them calling me Grandma or Gamma or whatever they choose to call me.

Let the fun begin...


It rained on Sunday so we all piled in the truck and went to visit MariLou in Elliot Lake.  We had a great visit and as we were leaving I spotted this little guy on the neighbour's front lawn munching some bird seed.  There was about 3 or 4 bird feeders on their lawn and I think this was the raccoon's personal feeding space.  This time of year you really don't need to feed the birds.  The feeders only attract raccoons and bears.
Thank goodness Sam didn't see this - he would have been a little excited.


May 20th came and went with enough success that we will be having a fish dinner tonite with all trimmings.  The black flies were out in force which means the fishing was good.  The middle picture is of the mornings catch - Rick and Rejean went out at 6am .  A wee bit too cold for me.  Fishing later on that evening was just right for me.
That is me in the first picture - I caught the first walleye and the smallest wallet - 2 separate fish.

Let the fishing begin...

Friday, May 19, 2017


After a two day trip thru Canada,  Mitch and Joanne arrived today a couple of hours ahead of schedule.  I went over to help them unload the truck that was packed tight.  Of course they lured me over with Kentucky Fried Chicken and donuts!!

Oh the fun we are going to have this summer - hurry up and get here Susan!!


Today a fine group of volunteers relocated 177 BIG Lake Trout to a local lake.  The total weight of these fish was 1160 kilos and the average weight was 6.55 kilos - altho some of the fish I released had to be 15 or 16 pounds or more - they were huge!!!  The fish were 15 years old and had been broodstock at the hatchery in Sault St Marie.
thank goodness there was a large group of us as it was hard work.  The two guys from the hatchery were on top of the truck scooping out the fish into the nets that they would lower to the waiting volunteers who walked them over to the guys waiting on the docks to release them in deeper water.  I had on my waders so I let them go just off the beach.  Such a feeling seeing these huge fish free of the net and just catching their breath and then swimming off into the lake.  A few of them lingered around for a time and we had to motivate them to leave.  One was like a salmon swimming upstream the way he came dashing close to shore.
By the end of the release we were all slimed - Lake Trout are slimy fish and you couldn't help but get it all over you carrying the fish in the nets.  But well worth it.
Ron is going to arrange a group tour of the hatchery in the Sault.  It will be interesting to see where all the fish we release come from.

Thursday, May 18, 2017


Well Turtles, Sandhill Cranes and Chipmunks.  I took my camera with me this morning to town and happened upon these two Sandhills walking along the side of the road.  I remember when I first saw these types of birds I had no idea what they were.  I thought they were ostriches that had escaped from a zoo or something and when I first heard them - well you have to know what they sound like - like nothing you have ever heard before.
And I saw a Painted Turtle by the side of the road so I pulled over and rescued him.  I took him/her across the road in the direction it was facing and down the hill to the water.  I hope it wasn't looking to lay her eggs in the gravel by the side of the road as they do.  Oh well.  I meant well.
And we were over at Mitch and Joanne's getting their water turned on and who should show up?  Chippy the Chipmunk looking for Mitch to feed him peanuts.  He is going to have to wait until tomorrow evening when they come in.  I have already notified Mitch to have the peanuts ready...


A full day of fish stocking yesterday and the black flies were out in full force!!  There was Ron D. and Ron W. Ginny, Gerry, Rejean and myself for our group but many more from the North Shore Fisheries organization from Elliot Lake and Blind River.  We bucketed our fish to the lakes and streams whereas the helicopter took them to lakes that would have taken hours to reach.
We stocked Brown Trout, Rainbows and Brookies but their locations are secret.  The fish need a while to get used to their new homes and to start eating what they should be eating so that they taste good to us.  If you caught them now they wouldn't taste too good.  So let them be for a while.
Rejean got to stock his spot he has been asking for for years.  This year they put it on the list for Rainbows.  He was very happy.
The North Shore Fisheries is the organization I volunteer for.  Help is needed for lake studies and for stocking.  It is very rewarding work knowing that we are helping the tourist industry in our area and also keeping the lakes and rivers and streams stocked with healthy fish for your fishing pleasure.

The last picture is of the Jacuzzi - locals will know where that is.  It is flowing like crazy!!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


We celebrated the marriage of Matthew and Nicole this weekend in Windsor.  What a great day it was!!  The wedding party and family arrived on a city bus.  Far better than a limo - it held everyone and they had it for the whole day.  The procession was led by children of the wedding party and it was so cute.  Everyone was laughing and the kids were perfect.  The pastor was an uncle to the bride so everything was very relaxed and flowed between the serious and humorous.  The pastor commented that you would never know they had rehersed the ceremony only two days before.  But it was perfect and suited the bride and groom perfectly.

And then there was the reception!!!!!  Held at the Caboto Club in Windsor.  It was rip roaring fun.  The food was typical Caboto food - delicious and plentiful.  There were 219 people filling the room.  And the bar was open!!  I think some people just parked themselves at the bar and didn't move all night.  The two bartenders were amazing - they kept the drinks flowing all night long and poured some very generous shots of Fireball for me.  The Mother of the Bride, Chris, enjoys Fireball too so I searched until I found her and shared some shots with her.  We are now Sisters of the Fireball.  Her turn searching me out came later but they had run out of Fireball so we drank something else.  I don't know what it was but it was good.
My nephew Steve is a professional photographer who does a lot of weddings.  He said it was the youngest crowd he has seen at a wedding and the bartenders had never seen such drinking at a wedding before.  Something to be proud of I am sure.
Matthew just graduated from Michigan State University last week from the College of Osteopathic Medicine so he invited a "few" of his classmates so if you needed a doctor...
The dance floor never emptied all night long.  Matthew even got in a dance with his great grandmother who was seated in a walker.  At Last played as he gently rolled her around on her chair around the dance floor - I don't think there was a dry eye in the place after that.
Pierre offered to be our designated driver so I could enjoy a few drinks and not have to worry about how I was getting home.  I am usually the designated driver and I must say it enhanced my enjoyment of the evening a lot.

It was a beautiful day to watch two people surrounded by people who love them start their lives in such a loving way.  I wish them nothing but joy in their lives together.


We helped out at the reversal dinner held at the Walkerville Brewery on Thursday evening.  We spent Thursday afternoon helping to prepare food for the 30 invited guests - a Mexican feast.  We slipped into the building at 6pm and by 7pm when the guests arrived the place had been transformed into a beautiful venue with candles twinkling on the tables set with vases of fresh daisies on wooden cookies.  There was a desert station with cupcakes and sweets made by Anne - the mother of the groom.
Anne and James served the chicken and beef enchiladas and Mexican rice and re fried beans.  I had prepared "the salad from hell" that afternoon - tons of chopping and a lime based dressing that I had to make twice.  I had a cold so nothing tasted right to me.  But in the end everyone said it was good - I will take their word for it.  Lots of snacks laid out around the room and the bar was open.
Walkerville Brewery is an amazing venue for this type of party.  The bartender (I wish I had got her name) was so friendly and helpful.  She was busy pulling drafts for everyone and served all their own craft beers.  I had seen their website and noticed a bottle of Scotch Ale with a Scotty dog on the table.  I asked for a taste and it was delicious but they were out of the bottles.  She saw how disappointed I was that I couldn't purchase one and looked around until she found a bottle for me - no charge!!!
The night was a success and everyone had a wonderful time.