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Saturday, August 19, 2017


I hear there is going to be a Total Eclipse of the Sun on Monday - depending on where you live.  And there has been a run on glasses that you can wear to safely watch it.  People are paying stupid amounts of money to purchase them because there is a shortage and time is running out.

Well, I have solved that problem by making my own Eclipse Viewing Contraption.  Back when I was a child and there was another eclipse, we made these EVCs in school or at home out of empty cereal boxes.  There is a video on Facebook that shows you how to make them.  All you need is an empty cereal box (or Old El Paso Taco Kit box), scissors, a piece of white paper, tape and tin foil.  And viola - you eyes are protected.  No you won't see the actual sun and moon thing, but you will see a pretty good sequence of the eclipse at the bottom of the cereal box on the white paper.  You will see the moon shape slowly cover a bright round dot at the bottom of the box.  You must stand with your back to the sun which is another safety feature of my EVC.

I made one for us and one for Joanne and Mitch.

I will be outside on Monday afternoon with my Frosted Flakes  EVC in one hand and a cocktail in the other waiting for the moon to come around.

  Cheers to a cloud free day!!

Thursday, August 10, 2017


Our good friends Doug and Diane made us a bird house that looks exactly like our house last year.  And today, we finally put it up.  We placed it on the part of a tree that we had to take down because it wasn't doing so well.  It is up about 10 to 12 feet off the ground - up in the tree tops.  Steve was doing the dangerous work and Rick and Rejean were directing him.  The girls were sitting on chairs watching - and making suggestions.

It looks great and I can't wait to see who uses it next spring.  There is room for a lot of bird families.

Thanks Doug and Diane for the great gift.  It is appreciated.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

CHARLIE AND MONTY one of their rare displays of getting along.  Not really.  There was a lot of times they did get along and shared things with each other but usually they were acting just like normal siblings.

I wanted to accomplish two things during their visit.  I wanted to be able to tell them apart easily without looking for Charlie's birthmark and I wanted them to call me Grandma.  I succeeded in both of my endeavours.  The first time they called me Grandma I choked up.  The sweetest words in the world to me.  It touched my heart.  AND I can now tell them apart and now they look like totally different kids.  Altho I occasionally did mix them up, but then again, I blame it on having "baby brain" for the past six weeks.

Slowly getting back to normal...


Joanne and Mitch's daughter and grandsons have been up for the past two weeks and we had them over for dinner last nite.  Top photo is Raiden and middle photo is Bishop and the last photo is the result of a fall on the trap rock we have in front of our house.  Raider was a trouper tho, and didn't want a band aid on it.
We were treated to a display of "Judo" by Bishop who is enrolled in Judo classes at home and has a Yellow belt.  And Raiden is just getting started but you can tell he wants to be just like his brother when they both went thru some moves.

I am just getting back to normal after our six weeks of company.  The stories and pictures are coming - soon - a little bit at a time.