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Thursday, September 22, 2011


We have been busy cutting up the wood that we got from Joanne and Mitch's place. There are some big logs - Rejean uses the chains to attach to the tractor and I move them to the support logs. I am getting pretty good with the tractor, if I do say so myself. I load up the loader with the cut wood and deposit them in the trailer which we then unload up on the other property where we will split it. I am not allowed to use the chain saw and I am happy with that. With the luck I have been having lately, maybe it is best that I don't ;oP We figure with this wood and the stuff we got from the big oaks down on the trail, we won't have to cut any trees down in the spring. More time to devote to the work downstairs this winter and spring. It never ends...
See Ya Bye
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Anonymous said...

The Big Oaks are they for the new bar and cupboards?

northernbliss said...

No, we are cutting them up for firewood. We already have the oak for the new bar and cupboards drying in the garage. That could happen this year!!!!