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Thursday, January 1, 2015


Another successful New Year's Eve party on Axe.  And the weather co-operated as it was -12 with a blowing wind and the occasional snow flurry but if you are dressed for it - what does it matter.  I had on my fur hat, long johns, Levis and my snowmobile pants plus a turtleneck, sweater and my down coat and my Costco work gloves and my snowmobile boots so I didn't feel any cold at all - but I couldn't move I had so many clothes on.  Everyone else had on pretty much the same.  Food galore!!  It was pot luck but Davey brings in a ton of ribs and sausages from Windsor and cooks them on the open fire outside - delicious!!  I brought my deviled eggs - none left of course - there was chicken wings, pirogi, pizza, mac and cheese, cole slaw, dips, veggie trays and lots and lots of deserts plus big jars of home made Tunnel BBQ sauce - I even dipped my carrots in it!!  Linda's rice crispy  squares were to die for - my fav.  We got there about 6 and left at about 12:15 - after the fireworks!!!  They were great - a perfect ending to a perfect evening.  I used my camera to snap these pictures but everyone else had their i-phones out - they laughed at me and my digital camera.  I felt so un-techy.

Happy New Year everyone!!!

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Unknown said...

Happy 2015 to all our Axe Lake and area friends!