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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


September 15th was opening day of bird season so we headed up the highway to a spot that is well known for producing birds - and fish.  Ron and Mary already have their trailer there so we bunked with them for a couple of days.  Between the 4 of us (and Mary doesn't hunt) we got 16 birds.  I got 4 - and I did miss one but got him on the second shot.  In a tree!!  But my first shot was successful.  I was very happy.
The first picture is of all our 4 wheelers on Ron's trailer - they just fit.  We got there and got all set up and headed out for a hunt - it was a nice day - sunny and not too hot or cold.  It was a bit nippy that nite but we stayed warm inside the trailer.  The next day was an all dayer - after dinner, Rejean and Ron went out for another short hunt.  Mary and I stayed behind and did the dishes - I manned the fire after.  We heard a 4 wheeler come in and from my vantage point I could see up the road and into the camp so I was watching for the 4 wheeler.  All of a sudden, I saw something that just didn't register as possible.  I saw a big bull moose running thru the camp.  I said to Mary, I think I just saw a moose running thru camp - she said sure you did.  But then you could hear everyone laughing so I headed up and found out that yes it was a big bull moose run thru the camp.  One of the guests was coming down the road on his quad and the moose was trotting in front of him down the road.  He stayed behind the moose and gently steered him towards the camp to see if the moose would head down the road - and he did!!!  Just imagine the faces on the campers seeing this big bull moose coming towards them - lucky all he did was pass by!!
We cooked up 3 spruce hens (the red meat is from them) and they were delicious.  The rest we froze for later.  On our last day I got one and Rejean got a flock - 3 birds in one spot.
Hopefully we will get another chance to get out for another hunt.  I am beginning to like hunting just as much as fishing - who knew???

See Ya Bye

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Anonymous said...

Cool, how are the fall colors looking these days?