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Saturday, September 22, 2012


We do!!  And are they gorgeous.  I would say they are peaking this weekend and maybe into next week as well.  With all the dry weather we had this summer, I was worried the colors wouldn't be as vibrant, but they are.  And it seemed to happen just this past week.
I am in awe of nature at this time  -  my favourite season is now upon us.

We are having another dinner tomorrow - chicken and fish again.  The last one of the year but we will be baking our world famous meat pies - so if you are interested...there will be fruit pies available for sale tomorrow at the meal.  The pies for the dinner were made today and I have been appointed the meringue maker - and I was taught by the best so I am very proud of my meringue - it is piled high...

See Ya Bye

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