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Monday, December 16, 2013


One of the perks of having had a good hunt this year is the amount of venison meat in my freezer.  I decided to get going on using it.  I first made a great venison chili the other day with kidney and black beans, onions and celery, diced tomatoes and some secret spices.  Delicious - we ate it for 2 days.  Great with some grated cheddar cheese on top and some crusty bread.
I invited Mary and Ron and John and Linda over for dinner last nite with the intention of making Beer and Deer.  I sat down at the computer to get the recipe off the Canada In The Rough web site but found the web site down!!!  I had given my printed copy to Ed back in November.  I started to panic.  I emailed and called Ed.  I checked the Canada In The Rough facebook page - I even tried to contact Thomas Pigeon thru Facebook explaining my dilemma.  I called Roger - he didn't have it either.  Ed was in Winnipeg and the recipe was at home.  I finally found a similar recipe online and that was what I was cooking for dinner.  (I made Linda something else because she doesn't like venison but she did try it).  It was delicious and every one enjoyed it.  (I did hear back from the Canada In The Rough but not until Monday).
I still have lots of venison left and you can be sure it will all be gone by next year.  But I do miss the pepperoni - we didn't get any done this year - maybe next year...

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