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Monday, September 8, 2014


Well we are all packed including the 27 pounds of baby stuff in a separate suitcase.  Just look at the weather we are heading into!!!  It could be the summer we never got here.  15 1/2 hours of flying to go see the kids - Charlie and Monty.
Rick and Joan have graciously offered to house sit for us which is greatly appreciated.  Not that anything will go wrong but you never know - and that dam beaver has been back around so Rick will have to keep an eye out for him.  We had a hard time talking Rick into doing this for us - you all know how he hates it up here.  But we worked at it and he finally agreed - in about 2 seconds!!!
  I am so confused - we fly from Sault St Marie to Toronto then on to London and then on to Abu Dhabi - 3 sets of time zones to worry about.  I can feel the jet lag already.

But on a high note, I hear there is free booze on some of these flights….

See Ya Bye

ps - I will be blogging while there so it could be interesting.  It won't all be poopy diapers and toxic baby drool - we are going to be seeing the sights - we are scheduled to walk around the F1 race track with the kids in their stroller one evening.   I'll make sure they have their little helmets on - in case we hit the wall.

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Anonymous said...

How exciting; that is a long trip and Abu Dhabi is 8 hours ahead of Toronto. So you will be passing through 8 time zones. Give Charlie and Monty a big hugs ! Enjoy the trip and visit with the Grand Kids.
Blog lots of photos.