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Friday, September 19, 2014


It is settled. Tomorrow we head to Dubai. It's only about 1 1/2 hour drive from Abu Dhabi. Jodie booked Rejean and I on the tour of the tallest building in the world!! I am a little afraid of heights but they say the trip up in the elevator is not bad. No windows and it takes about a minute or two to get to the top. As long as the elevator is not packed I will be fine. I guess the view is spectacular and for sure I will get some good pictures. And of course the world's largest shopping mall is located right there. Dam it. You know how much I hate shopping. We are also looking to travel to a hotel in the middle of the desert with a pool for an over nite stay. Then the only other thing I must see is the mosque. That, other than family, is the one thing I must see.
We went out last nite to a pub outside in a courtyard of a downtown hotel. I almost took my Levi jacket but changed my mind and took my shawl instead. Boy was it hot even at 8pm. I wished I could have taken off clothing. It was about 35 C. And a bit humid. The kids were a bit warm as we'll. I could have left my hoody, sweater and Levi jacket home. Next time.

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