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Saturday, October 11, 2014


We spent a couple of days at Camp hunting for birds.  Rick was up so he came along as well.  The new trailer came in handy as it transported all 3 of our quads plus all of our other stuff.  We headed up Thursday morning, got all set up and then got in an afternoon hunt.  Rejean got one on the road when we first started - it turned out to be his only one because he came down with what I had and didn't go out at all on Friday.  We got 4 birds on Thursday and Rick and I headed out on Friday morning and got 8 birds on the same road.  It was hot and heavy action.  We take turns - first I lead and Rick follows.  When I spot the bird, I stop and point to it without getting off my bike and I never take my eyes off of the bird - you do and it disappears.  Rick gets off his bike, loads his gun and shoots and gets it.  Then we switch places and I get a chance to shoot.  We did very well that morning.  We headed back to camp for breakfast then out for an afternoon run.  We only got one.  But all in all 13 birds in basically 1 1/2 days.  Not too bad.  But I was soooo sore - my thumb from the throttle and my bum from sitting so long.  We didn't go out Friday evening.  We packed up and came home Saturday morning.  Good thing because it was getting crowded there this weekend - opening day of Moose hunting.  Ron and Mary were scouting out some moose tracks - he has a calf tag so they are still up there.  Good Luck!!!

ps - that first picture is of a beaver dam we came across - right along side of a good trail - if it goes, so goes the trail...

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