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Sunday, November 9, 2014


I picked my travelling companion, Linda, up at about 8:15 and we were homeward bound by 8:45am.  All was well until we hit just before Gaylord and then it started to snow.  I don't think people were prepared or maybe they just forgot how to drive in the white stuff but there were about 4 serious accidents on I75 past Gaylord.  Fire engines, ambulances, tow trucks and lots of police cars.  Cars in the ditches and one where you knew he had rolled and blasted all the windows out on the car.  It was slow going and I was in no hurry so we just took our time.  But as soon as we crossed the Mackinac (?) Bridge, no snow whatsoever.  That is the second picture.  And then once we crossed over into Canada and on our way home on 17, it was sunny.  We did hit snow up 129 just at the Trading Post.
Made it home around 6 to a nice cold beer.

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