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Wednesday, November 12, 2014


It was a bad winter let year so the deer population is down considerably.  Not one of us got a doe tag this year which diminishes our chances of getting one quite a bit.  But it does have it's bright side.  We have been treated to a family of deer hanging around and eating all the pumpkins we have put out.  A doe and 2 fawns - just like last year - have been showing up regularly much to our enjoyment and Ed got a few pictures today of them.  And I must add that even last year when we had at least 4 doe tags among us, we didn't even consider taking the doe with the fawns.  When we first saw these fawns they still had their spots and they have grown up rather well.  We only see them on the trail cams and now at the pumpkins.  The mother will be there to teach them how to survive the winter so hopefully they will be around next year when they are … bigger!

The top picture is the view of the lake which is in the process of freezing over and it is only November 12th!!!!  A little too early for me.

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