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Saturday, December 6, 2014


My beautiful Poopsy has mange!!!  The top picture was taken on October 29th, 2014 and the next one on December 5th - it took just 37 days for her to become almost helpless.  Mange usually starts on the tail and gradually the animal can lose all the fur on their bodies.  And along with that they usually develop conjunctivitis and Poopsy has that as well.  She is almost blind.  We had been feeding her usually in the morning and at night.  She would sleep under the wood shed to stay out of the cold.  It was heartbreaking to watch.  But she didn't seem to be scratching and she had a spring in her step so I thought things might work out.  I finally contacted Wild at Heart, a wild animal rescue organization in Lively near Sudbury.  They would take her and they have had good success in the past and they said she didn't sound too far gone.  So I borrowed a live trap and put her food in it this morning and in a few short seconds, we had her.  She was so hungry the food was too much for her to pass up.  She was afraid of the trap but went in anyway.  She did finish the bowl once she got inside.  She was a bit upset at first but once we got her in the car and a blanket over her cage she settled right down.  The first sheet we put over her cage she pulled it through the small holes into the cage - I guess she wanted something to lay on.  3 hours later we arrive at Wild at Heart.  Poopsy calmly transferred into her crate in her quarantined room - right next door to another fox with mange.  I got to peek in at her and her little bright eyes were looking up at me.  She had been in the same condition as Poopsy when she got there.  I get to call and check in on her whenever I want and I can pick her up and bring her home when she is better probably in the spring.
Some people thought I was nuts to do this and told me as much.  But when you can do something to help, why would you not.  Poopsy has given me nothing but joy so it is the least I can do.  And if they can't help her, they will put her down humanely.

Poopsy is safe, warm and fed tonite.  It is what we all want.  I am happy.

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Meagan Beavers said...

ahhhhh. Poopsy is a lucky gal to have you as a friend. You did a great thing for her!