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Sunday, April 12, 2015


Our annual Owl Count was held last - Ute, Mary, Ginny and myself started our evening with a delicious dinner at the Aubrey Falls Trading Post - under new management.  We split some crab cakes (delicious) and then we all had the fish soup.  It was served in a large bowl with a roll on the side and it was a meal in itself.  Rainbow trout and Alaskan pollack and tons of veggies.  Home made.
We had some time to kill so we travelled up the highway and stopped at a bridge and just enjoyed the scenery.
We play tape recorded owl calls and then see if any owls answer back.  There are 10 stops on our route and we heard wood cocks, Canada geese, robins and the occasional owl.  It is always a treat to hear the owl calls.  We had a couple of people slow down and ask if we needed any help.  I guess when you see 4 ladies by the side of the road by a stopped vehicle, the only polite thing to do is to stop.  We appreciated it tho.
The last stop is usually where we hear them but last nite we heard nothing - until all the other girls were in the car ready to go and I was just closing the back gate when I heard them - close and giving the "laugh" they give when they think they are going to get lucky.  I got the girls out and we enjoyed a couple more calls.
The last picture is of our treats - we never go hungry on these excursions.

It was a good nite!!

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