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Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Dave gave strict instructions that there would be no babies on a quad ride but photo ops are ok - Jodie went on a ride and then posed with the kids on Stacey's quad.  Maybe when they are older we can get them on one.  They enjoyed riding in Steve's wagon he keeps up here - Marilou was kept very busy yesterday afternoon.  We got Steve to give one of the kids a bottle - looks pretty good on him - and of course Aunt Stacey was right there to give the other one his bottle - sorry can't name them but you know who they are.  And Jason celebrated his 41st birthday up here - a birthday well spent in my opinion.  We also have Sam the dog up here - his job is to collect all the sticks along the shore and he did just that for hours yesterday - he is very tired but did a wonderful job as you can see all the sticks he found.  thanks Sam!!  And we had our very first camp fire last nite - the kids were fast asleep by the time that happened but maybe today over at Mitch and Joanne's they will get to see a fire.  Paella tonite at the Friesen's - more fun!!!

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