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Thursday, July 9, 2015


Fun over at Joanne and Mitch's with everyone.  We had a nice campfire after our delicious chicken dinner.  Susan brought up a bunch of chickens that Jack raised and Joanne cooked the biggest one up - 7 pounds!!  they are still eating it - chicken soup was being made today.  Those are my feet and my green zippy cup with my cocktail in it.  I was relaxin'.  Then there is a picture of Mitch's "side table" with all his stuff.  The next day we had a visit from Roger and Ute out for a walk with Tasha.  They were very happy - nice to see for both of them.
The girls had planned our adventure for Wednesday.  It got off to a rocky start but soon everyone was were they should be for our departure.  We headed out for some fishing and rock hunting and just general exploring.  We didn't get any fish but stopped at the Jacuzzi just to look and have a drink - the water was a wee bit too cold for us.  We next found our pink rock site - where we find our beautiful rocks.  We got some beauties.  Then when we were getting ready to go Susan's bike had a dead battery so she rode double with Joanne back out to the road and then home.  I rode Rejean double to get it - you can restart it by pulling on the cord like a lawn mower but we were"t strong enough.  Then we all get back to my place for dinner - sitting outside listening to the birds and trying to identify them.  One was louder than the others and we listened to him until he flew into my Adirondack (?) chair and died :o(
Oh forgot to tell you about Mitch's pet snapping turtle he found in his garage.  He put it in a tote with a rock and a fake turtle and a rock bass.  Well the rock bass didn't last too long and neither did the second rock bass he put in.  Hungry little fellow.  Mitch finally relocated it to Tunnel.
All in all it was a fun day!!

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