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Sunday, September 27, 2015


There will be a spaghetti dinner at the Wharncliffe Hall this afternoon - the first function at the Hall under the new management.  And there will also be a Butter Tart Baked Off open to who ever wants to show off their baking skills.  I decided to take the challenge because - really - who can't bake a butter tart?  I bought the shells because I really know my limitations as far as dough making goes - I do not have a machine and didn't have time to find out I really couldn't make dough.  The store bought shells are fine.  And it is not as tho I am trying to pass them off as home made dough - everyone knows what a store bought shell looks like.  But the filling is home made.  I made two batches.  The first one is out of the Whancliffe Hall cookbook submitted by the Butter Tart Queen herself, Kim A.  She is known throughout the Valley as the best butter tart maker around.  She always posts pictures of her tarts on her Facebook and everyone comments on them.  So we will see what she thinks of my interpretation.  The next batch was a recipe off the Internet made with real maple syrup.  I used syrup from my friend Erla's sugar shack this past spring.  I did not put any nuts or raisins in my butter tarts as I don't like them.  I remember the ones my Mom made back when I was a child, being runny and having nothing in them so that is how I made mine.
I will let you know how I made out tomorrow.  I am really not counting on winning - but hey, you never know…

I am printing off some waivers to take with me.  Kidding!!!

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