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Sunday, February 21, 2016


The guys rented some quads at the hotel today for one last great adventure. Not a great selection available as Rejean was placed on a 90cc and Dave got a 250cc. They had a half an hour to play on the sand dunes around the hotel - small compared to the ones we played in the day before.
It was funny to see Rejean tooling around on such a small machine. He looked like he was on a toy!! We watched them take off and just a short time later Rejean was down - he had gone over the top of a dune that went straight down and he went one way and the machine went the other. He was fine - just a couple of scrapes. But the guy who runs the rental had to go out after them and tell them to slow down. What a laugh as they were barely moving and poor Rejean couldn't go much faster than a brisk walk. They managed to have good time in spite of everything and came back covered in fine sand. Jodie and I played with the kiddies.

Location:Abu Dhabi

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