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Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Jodie had a project for Rejean to do while we were here. A new art station for the boys to colour or paint or draw on. The building supply choices are limited here but I think they both did a pretty good job. Jodie told her dad what she wanted and he built it for her and the boys love it. We got a cart at IKEA to hold all the pencils and paints and art supplies so that the kids can just go and draw when they feel like it.
I have a funny feeling Jodie's walls are going to look very colourful I. The next little while...
I will be coming home with some original art work for my new IKEA frames.
Had to believe our time here is almost over. We head home tomorrow at midnight UAE time. The flight home is 14 hours!!!! Talk about jet lag!! But we have Stacey and Andrew visiting up north so we get to see them too. What a great vacation!!!!

Location:Abu Dhabi

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