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Friday, January 6, 2017


Plus some Benylin and Sucrets thrown in for good measure.  This house is under quarantine for the next few days.  Both of us have the flu - and I know it's the flu because I Googled the symptoms and I have everyone of them - even the barfing (sorry).  Mine started on Sunday evening when I noticed I was coughing more but thought it was just left over from when I was sick BEFORE THE HOLIDAYS but Tuesday I couldn't move - literally.  Long illness short I am feeling 100% better - except for coughing and feeling like my insides are ripping apart - but now Rejean is on his worst day (I hope).  Nothing you can do but rest, drink plenty of fluids and get lots of rest - easier said then done...

And we never got our flu shot...

Be Well

I used the Buckley's image from their website - I am a loyal Buckley's girl - nothing but the best.  It tastes awful and it does work!!!

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