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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Some Sad News:(

Today while on our way to get hair cuts we came across a dead fox just a few hundred feet from our drive way - I had seen a fox there before and believe it is one of ours. You usually don't see foxes that have been hit by vehicles but I think that is what happened to this one. The birds are taking care of the remains and I am sure that by this afternoon there will be nothing left. I still have one because he came around this morning for breakfast. I know that there will be more to come.
Today we go on our cruise around Basswood Lake with Plain Jane, Les, Darlene and Ron. They have a pontoon boat (I call them Patio Putt Putts) I have never been on one before so I am looking forward to it - I'll take lots of pictures. I can see lots of blue skies out there so it is going to be a nice day - should hit 25 degrees!!!
Our hydro was out yesterday and last nite - it reached all the way from Iron Bridge to the Sault with no explanation from Ontario Hydro - must be all you people from the south with your air conditioners blasting. We don't have or need air conditioning up here - there may be just a few days where it is hot enough to use it. It cools down nicely at night and as long as I have my ceiling fan on I am fine. We had to make do and have our BLT's done on the BBQ - turned out pretty good. I was out of Miracle Whip and had to use the horseradish mayo on mine - surprisingly good.
Friday I have to bake - there are tons of orders for our pies so I have to help - I knew I would pick up a few pointers from the Ladies of Wharncliffe.
Also Thank you to my sisters, Susan and Joanne and their husbands, Jack and Mitch for our new Adirondack chair and foot rest - I was at the Post and there was a package for us. It is our 25th wedding anniversay gift - they are all coming in on Monday for a week. We will have a blast!!!
Well have to get ready for my boat ride. What to wear, what to wear.
See You Bye

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