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Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Day At The Dump

Saturday was my first official day working the dump. I was filling in for Erla who was filling in for Dave. Got there at 9:45 am - forgot my water and apples. Got the gate open and headed up the road to the dump. No one had dropped any garbage by the side of the road so I didn't have to worry about picking it up after the birds and critters got at it. There were no bears or raccoons up there either - just the big ravens. I got the trailer open for business - then I just waited and soon they started coming. It is a social outting to come to the dump - you have to be friendly and talk to the people - you get to catch up on the stories and where they have been fishing etc. You also have to record the number of bags and their permit number - I would write it down first then search for their cards to record it. Short term memory loss you know. When you have been retired for a little while you tend to lose some of your smarts. Then I had to remember to change the bags when they got full of the recyclables. Cans, glass, plastics etc. all have to be tied up for the recycle guy to take away. I spent my down time picking up the garbage around the dump - just because it's a dump doesn't mean it has to look like a dump. I got 2 1/2 big garbage bags full of garbage from around the place. The place looks great. There was some drama there too. Mike from Kego's had pulled out an old lawn mower and the guts of a three wheeler from the steel pile and was going to go load it up when he was finished. But some guy I had never seen before was asking about it and was looking for it also. I thought there was going to be fisticuffs at the dump but everything turned out ok. You know you are a red neck when you go home from the dump with more than you brought. Then my pals from Axe Lake came to check on me later that afternoon - John, Skip, Randy, Zeke, Rolly and Keith were there and brought me a beverage. I needed it as I was quite thirsty by that time. (Jenn had brought me my water and apples and I gave her a tour of the dump - she was impressed.) Finally 2'o'clock came and I closed it up and delivered the keys and money to Joanne where I found the Axe Lake guys so I had to stop for another beverage. I had fun and I have offered my services when they need someone to fill in. At $10/hour I can supplement my pension.
The leaves are just stunning - the reds and oranges are spectacular. On my 10 k'er this morning
which I did in 1 hour and six minutes (is that good?) the morning light was just perfect on the trees. Still tons more to change.
Andrew and his father were up for the night on Friday and we met them in Thessalon for the first fish fry of the year at the legion - Andrew was very impressed that beer is so cheap at the legion - I think he might join. they were on their bikes - Andrew's beautiful Harley and Dennis on his (I'm sorry I don't know what kind it is but it was yellow and white.
Got to go for a walk right now with Steve and Jenn and Rejean - it will be short because we are all tired from blazing trails all day.
See Ya Bye

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