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Sunday, September 21, 2008


WoW - has the time passed - first I apologize for the looooooong delay in blogging but I have been out having a wonderful time - first with my sisters and their husbands - Susan and Jack and Joanne and Mitch - it's as tho no time has passed between visits - we just really enjoy each other's company and we have a blast. I have taken the liberty of showing a picture of Susan on her side with a four wheeler leaning on her. The Sisters were out for our usual foray into the bush with our ever trusty fish boxes and the cocktails. I was riding with Joanne on the back of Rejean's bike and Susan was on my 250 Honda. She usually rides an automatic but mine is a shifter. We were going up a hill and Susan mis-shifted and she just started listing and in slow motion she went over. I was on the bike behind her and all I could think of was broken leg, boken arm, blood but no. I made sure she was ok and then I took the picture - I made sure she wasn't in any pain and she gave me permission - Look - She's Smiling. Just one of many stories.
Everyone was gone on Sunday then on Monday we went to Windsor for the nuptuals. As always there were doctors appointments, shopping etc. to fill the time then the big nite. We got dressed and Rejean put his suit on for the first time in over two years and it fit. Not bad. I was getting dressed in a low cut dress - Yes, the Girls went out. It made the night all that more fun. They were a hit. But I was freezing - I was hoping for a flash to warm me up. Jimmy was looking good in a suit and tie - I usually see him in waders. But Steve and Jenn made the night - it was a beautiful service - just the right length of time. Jenn was a bit teary and that made it emotional. They make a handsome couple.
Then the next day was the big race for Stacey. She wanted us to get the garden funiture from the shed and set up on the front lawn because they would be going right by. Sounds like fun. We cut the grass, got out the funiture and set them up right up at the road. We had 6 lawn chairs, 2 footstools, a table with an umbrella -Mary-Lou came over and Betsy from next door were joining us. Stacey had bought noise makers - those big clapping hands and some tamborines. We had pop and chips if anyone wanted to make a donation. Well we sat down and had a beer or two and started waving to the people going by and almost everyone waved - and then we started clapping hands at them and hooting and making all sorts of noise. Betsy then made a sign to HONK 4 ALZHEIMERS and boy did they ever. The Windsor Star took our picture. But when Stacey ran by in the 89K!!!!!!!!! run. All the runners appreciated the cheering and they even stopped for a moment and watched us. Then off they went. Way to Go Stacey!!!!
Then I got a picture of Andrew on his HARLEY!! Nice bike. Mitch must just be drooling...
It was good to see my friends.
Enjoy the show...
See Ya Bye

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