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Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Yes, these pictures were taken today, April 10, 2013.  We decided to head out to check if we could at least take a tree down and to see if the sap is running.  We settled on a small one and Rejean took it down with his chainsaw - the one with the newly sharpened chain.  I could see the sap running out of the tree the moment it was cut and it was still dripping 45 minutes later on our return hike.  We could have let it drip into a pail and boiled down our own maple syrup but we would have needed a ton more.  So that shows we can't take our trees down yet.  The snow is still quite deep in the bush and over at the other garage.  Rejean is standing by our wood pile which is 4 feet high - that gives you an idea of the height and the snow came off the roof in front of the man door at the garage so we have to wait a bit before we can get in there.
The last picture is of my snowshoes.  They are hand made by Jack Carey of Corner Brook, NL.  They are called BeaverTails.  I saw an episode of Land and Sea and they did a show on Jack and how he makes them and how long he has been at it.  This had to be over 8 years ago and at that time, he had made over 12,000 snowshoes.  I must say he has perfected the art.  They are the best - the bindings are made of inner tubes from tractor trailers, the frames are made from Hi Tensile Spring Steel and the twine is tough, durable braided polypropylene twine.  I really think they are indestructible.  And light!!!  You don't even know you are wearing them.  I love mine.  Mine are red and Rejean's are green.
If you want any information on how to contact Jack, let me know.  I have emailed him to see if he is still in business and let him know I would be mentioning him in this blog.
That's it for now.  See Ya Bye.


Anonymous said...

nice snow!!

Tanya said...

Would you mind passing on mr. Carey's email? My husband and i are interested but wondering about size dependent on body weight, plus cost of course. Thanks