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Thursday, April 4, 2013


Yes, that is snow in the last picture - a good 3 or 4 inches of fluffy stuff.  It was so depressing.  Everything was beginning to melt nicely but at least the temperature is mild today.  The second picture is of my tracks heading down to get the mail.  I was being careful as I knew there was ice on the lane way - the day before I had to walk on the side to avoid the ice.  I have gone all winter not going down as I have in the past but I was in for a surprise.  Rejean had warned me to be careful as I left the garage.   I was gingerly making my way down the hill when my feet just slipped from under me and down I went.  I saw stars!! Rejean also took a fall when he came to see if I was ok.  He has a sore hip and I have a headache - what a pair.  We are actually very lucky - it could have been worse.
And the first picture is of a morning dove.  We don't see them very often around here but this little guy stuck around for about an hour.  And I discovered that the Ravens have been taking the food out of Boot's bowl.  I caught them today.  Don't tell Boots!!


Anonymous said...

Hi guys, glad you did not break anything. Ute is walking pretty grandmotherly lately. I fell hard on my bum during the last iceages a couple of weeks ago, nothing happened...but my surgeon had strictly forbidden me to fall down and I did it anyway....nightnight

Meagan Beavers said...

Gosh you must be just sick of the snow! You've really gotten dumped on this year! Spring is coming!!!! Seriously!