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Sunday, June 23, 2013


We finally got some time off so we headed to our trailers for 5 days of camping and fishing.  Ron brought his trailer to haul the Rhino, a boat and his wood splitter (yes we were going to be doing some work splitting the blocks of the trees we had cut down at the site.  Danger trees that could have fallen on us and dead trees that could come down at any time.  We brought along a screened in dining tent and boy did it come in handy with all the bugs.  Wed had the place set up real nice.  Very comfortable. We used Ron's boat to explore the new lake - he showed off his lure with the Canadian Flag painted on it - he said it is very lucky.  Well not that nite - only a small pike was caught and quickly let go to fight again.  We had a great time.  Discovered a spring where we can fill our tanks, watched some logging activity - I'll post those pictures another day.  And played some mean cards - Euchre is the game.  Ron and I are partners and Rejean and Mary are partners.  I got Euchred a lot this trip.  Can't figure that one out.
More photos tomorrow.

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