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Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Today we did my favourite type of fishing - stream fishing.  It is hard work walking into the stream and then walking thru the bush with a fishing rod in your hand trying not to get tangled (but you always do) then walking on the slippery rocks and trying not to spook the fish.  But it paid off big time today.  Rick got 3 nice ones (kind of made up for him not getting any yesterday) and I got a keeper plus a little one that swallowed the hook so I would have injured him trying to get it out so I just kept him - he was delicious.  We only took 10 - the amount we would eat tonite for dinner.  They really are best fresh - they really aren't very good after they have been frozen.
It really is beautiful on the streams especially this one.  And this year it is really flowing good.  The third picture is Ricky with his first beauty brookie and the next picture is where he got it.  The next picture is of Rick and Rejean cleaning their catch.  The trout are easy to clean.  I even do it.  I like to see what they have been eating.  The last picture is of the day's catch - all cleaned and ready to take home.

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