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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


It is the time of year when the turtles will lay their eggs in the sand and gravel beside roads - sometimes preferring the other side of the road for their nesting habits.  I have learned to watch for them and have become familiar with the shapes along side of the highways and roads.  I was helping Rejean with the leech traps along an old logging road and drove on the way back.  I was being careful but I guess I missed one.  Rejean all of a sudden said "you just ran over a turtle" and I heard the squash noise and the slight bump in the road.  I felt sick.  I knew I had got him good and there was no hope.  A little further down the road I spotted another one and stopped the car and escorted him/her across the road and got these pictures.  And I saved another one today on my walk.  They try and run away but they are not fast enough and when you lift them up, they pull everything in - they have disappeared!!
So I am one up - 2 saved and 1 killed.

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