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Sunday, August 25, 2013


...only the MNR will know for sure.
We headed out with Barry and Sandy last nite for some fishing.  Barry caught this pickerel.  Rejean noticed it was a very different color than regular pickerel which, up here, are a beautiful gold and black color.  This one was Blue!!  We kept it on the stringer and put it in the basket in our lake when we got home.  Ron came over this morning and took a look at it and said in all his years of fishing for walleye - over 60 years - he had never seen one like it.  It wasn't a sauger.  We googled a blue walleye (or pickerel) and they are supposed to be extinct!!  Some fish who resemble the blue walleye are just regular walleye whose color has been affected by the acidity of the water.  But I don't buy that.  If that were the case, you would see more of them.
We decided to let the MNR know of our catch and let them decide if it is worth taking a look at it.  They will be able to tell from the dna just what exactly it is.
Whatever it is it is beautiful.  There is a bluish tinge on it's cheeks and the eyes are very very dark.  I will keep you up to date on the results.

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Anonymous said...

We also caught one last week in Lake Erie. It was beautiful, just like your.