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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


We have had Rejean's Mom and Brother here for the past few days.  They dropped by on the way home to Windsor - I guess they took the long way home.  Peter lives in Barry's Bay and Claire in Windsor.  Claire has spent the past 3 weeks in Barry's Bay visiting Peter and co-hosting the family reunion - they decided to drop by and visit us for a few days.  We wanted to have a fish fry for their last dinner with us but we only had 2 walleye fillets so we had to go fishing on the lake.  After our ice cream cone from the Post, we all got in the boat.  Peter wasn't going to come but we persuaded him to go - thank goodness because he caught the most fish.  He really hasn't fished before but he had the best spot on the boat (that's what I tell myself) - he caught the first walleye and the most walleye - he also got a nice bass that gave him a good fight.  But Rejean's Mom had the best time.  She had a lot of nibbles and did catch a few walleye.  I gave her my rod when I had a fish on. She gets so excited and was so proud of her catch.  Not bad for an 87 year old woman eh?  I got a nice big bass on and it gave me a grand fight - jumped 3 times!!  I hope it wasn't Jacques!!!  We release all the bass to fight another day and after we took our 3 walleye, we released all the others we caught.  The moon was full and the loon was looning at us for quite a while.

It was a perfect evening and we will eat well tonite.

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