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Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I figure you have had enough about my trip to Jamaica so here are some current pictures to show that life does go on.  The top 2 pictures were what we did the day after we got back from beautiful Jamaica.  There was enough snow on the roof that we had to rake it off and get the tractor out to take care of what was on the ground.  The next 2 are just to show how much is still left around here.  We really haven't had a thaw yet so what is here is what we got.  Kim says that we got around 7 feet total so far this year.  That's enough.
And the final 2 photos are of our adventure today.  We went on a "burn" with Ron and Mary on some nicely groomed trails.  That is me in the final picture.  I was trying to make a snow angel but I fell on my face in the deep snow.  Rejean just happened to have the camera ready - it was staged boys and girls.
We are going to try and get some ice fishing in tomorrow before the big storm.  We won't be far from home so we will be in no danger.
I miss Jamaica...

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