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Monday, February 17, 2014


I think the best part of my vacation was the people we met.  The employees of the resort were simply the best - they never stopped smiling, saying hello, singing, asking if you were ok or needed anything.  We were pampered big time.
The first picture is of Milton - entertainment director extraordinaire.  He made the mistake of sitting at our table at the Friday nite gala.  He was also in the fashion show at the beach party nite and had everyone in stitches.  An amazing person.
Next is Anita the parrot who occupies a cage behind building A.  Very pretty bird but not as talkative as Crackers - the parrot in the other picture.  I would walk up to his cage and he would say "hello" and "crackers".  His cage is always kept open and one morning, we saw a man walking around the resort with Crackers on his shoulder going for his morning walk.
The other 2 pictures are of our friends we met at the resort.  Anne and Joanne, aka Jodie,  from the Ottawa area and Kim and D from the UK.  We went to Dunn River Falls with Anne and Joanne and had a riot.  Actually it was the only thing we did during the 10 days we were gone.  And it was only 1/2 a day.  The rest of the time - from 9am til 4pm, we spent on the beach.  We met a lot of other people from all over Canada, the US and the UK plus who knows where else.  The majority of people are repeats - couples who have been at the same resort more than once.  Some over 10 times and I can seed why.
The last picture is of part of the group the Hot Peppers - a local group who played during the evening at the bar and restaurant for us.  Very Very Good.  The one man is leaning over his instrument - a bass mbira, it carries the bass of the band.  I hope they are there next year.

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