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Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Just a couple more pictures from our vacation in Jamaica.  They had to de-ice the plane in Toronto on the day we left.  We flew out of the Sault at 5:40 am and out of Toronto at 9:30am.  Just a 4 hour flight and we were in sunny Jamaica.  The resort was a 2 hour bus ride from the airport but we were talking to all the people on the bus so the trip went by fast.  We had a cheese plate delivered to the room soon after we got there and got 2 Red Stripes out of the fridge and enjoyed it on our little patio.  The mourning dove joined us then and then every morning for breakfast.  He ate very well.  There was a great Super Bowl party on the Sunday nite.  They had 2 big screen tvs set up in the conference room along with food and drinks.  It was very well done and a lot of people took advantage of the festivities. On the day we got there, the dinner that nite was the beach party and the resident band was one of the entertainers.  Just love their music.
The next morning there was a yoga class on the beach.  I watched it from my seat in the restaurant eating my breakfast - omelette, bacon, toast and orange juice.  Yum Yum!!!
The resident peacock joined us on the beach - he was making peacock noises to get every one's attention and he got mine.  I got a great picture if I do say so myself.  He stayed for a hour or two then headed back to his field.
The Tower Island pontoon anchored offshore of our beach and stayed for a good hour at least.  You could hear the music and laughter clear as day.  They certainly had a good time.
All good things must come to an end - I got some pictures out the window as we were leaving Jamaica and then the sunset closer to home.  After I collected my luggage at the airport (just joking - that is not all mine) it was time to head back to reality and snow and frigid temperatures.
There is no place like home...

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