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Saturday, April 23, 2016


The annual Trapper's Reunion was held today in Blind River so we decided to make a day of it.  It is like a home show but for local outdoors people up here.  There was a lot of fur spread around the display area - I fell in love with a beautiful beaver jacket for $2500 but decided I really didn't need another jacket but it was amazing.  There was a lot of knives and leg traps, jewellery made from stones and copper wires and copper pennies -
There was a chainsaw wood carver and a display where you could pose all dressed in fur on a sled - it was funny that the owner kept piling all these fur pieces on these two little kids in the picture but the result was very authentic she said.  The kids loved it!!
We saw one of the volunteers from the Northshore Fisheries at a display of Chaga Tea - I highly recommend you Google this stuff and how good and healthy it is.  It is harvested from birch trees up here and is actually a fungus/mushroom growth that is produced on the trees.  Once harvested, it is ground down to produce tea.  We bought a bag of Chaga tea bags and then I had the winning bid on a gift basket from North Shore Chaga on the silent auction.  I enjoyed the ice tea I sampled at the show but will really have to get used to the hot tea.  I am not a tea drinker but with all this Chaga tea around I better become one.
I also missed out on 4 rounds of golf - 2 at the course in Blind River and 2 at the Elliot Lake course - I had the only bid of $10 until about 5 minutes before the deadline. I guess trappers don't like to play golf.  I got caught up in a discussion with a rep from the nuclear display so Rejean went over to guard my bid.  Another man was there and put down a bid and Rejean quickly bettered it.  But just at the last second the other guy got in there and got the prize for $25!!!!!!  What a steal!!!!!
There was also displays from the OPP Canine unit which I missed and a food truck making Deer Tails - something similar to Beaver Tails - there were pretty good.  We also got a side table to go with the chairs I won from the Algoma Manor - the Adirondacks.  Just have to take it apart and varathane them to match.  It was a good day!!!!

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