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Thursday, April 14, 2016


The creatures must be moving because we certainly spotted a lot of wildlife in the past two days.  We were headed to Blind River for the Blood Donor clinic yesterday and spotted either a wolf or a coyote on a frozen swamp on highway 554.  A little further along were 3 deer - a doe and her 2 fawns from last year - crossing the road.  We stopped and watched them watch us before they jumped the guardrail and tried to hide in the bush.  Then on the way home the elk were out so we stopped and got a couple of shots.  We also saw another wolf or coyote but couldn't get the camera focused in time.  Then we spotted a raccoon up a tree but didn't stop to get the shot.  And I was driving and I was the one who spotted all the creatures.
Then today while we were working on the wood, Rejean spotted a chipmunk amongst the split wood just wondering what we were doing.  I hope he doesn't live in there because he will be homeless soon once we get that wood brought over to the sheds - sometime in the very near future.
The Blood Donor clinic was a success - we got there about 4pm and there was a line up in front of us.  The place was packed - very good to see.  My iron was good and I was finished in 8 minutes which is pretty good for me.  Must have been all that water I was drinking before I got there - had to go to the bathroom a lot but it makes the actual donation go so much smoother.  One time they had to take me off the needle after 15 minutes - it was taking too long for the donation to be viable.  Drinking water does speed up the process.  Then to the free cookies!!!  There were quite a few Mennonites there to give blood - some it was their first time donating.  Good to see them out for such a good cause.  I am catching up to Rejean - I have 42 donations - Rejean has over 50 - but I couldn't give for 12 months because of my implant.  I can do it!!!

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