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Friday, July 22, 2016


Finally got a chance to get out fishing with Dan and his son Max and nephew Mac.  I used to work with Dan back at Scotiabank in Windsor.  He has been coming up here for the past 12 years.  It has been hit and miss to get together with him when he comes up as we tend to have a lot of company this time of the summer.  But it worked out this time and I took them to the River to try their luck and what good luck they had.  We started out slow but Mac and I got a fish on at the same time - mine was nice bass but Mac had a beautiful Brook Trout on.  Mac was going to help net mine but when I saw what he had and what I had - well, Brook Trout trumps bass any time.  I hauled my bass on shore while I got his fish in the net.  Beautiful first Brook Trout for Mac!!  I let Max try out my 10 1/2 foot rod and he got a fine Rainbow Trout on right in the fast current.  Took him a bit to get him in but it was a successful netting job done by Dan.  Don't see many Rainbows caught around here lately.  In the end we finished with a nice bass, a beautiful Brook Trout and a fine Rainbow Trout.  Everyone was happy - Dan had been catching quite a few fish during the week so he didn't mind the kids getting the ones today.
I let them take home my bass for a delicious fish fry this evening.  I am always happy to see the people I am with catch some beautiful fish.  I have a feeling that there will be some Christmas wish lists discussed tonite.  A creel, a worm box, chest waders etc.and some prescription polarized sunglasses for Dan.  Can't wait for them to come back next year.
I had fun!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Has it really been 10 years since you retired from Scotiabank