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Thursday, July 21, 2016


Joanne and Mitch have been here 2 1/2 months and we finally got a chance to play with them yesterday.  We started out at 10am and we didn't get home until after 5pm.  It was hot but we were in the shade most of our run.  Mitch was all decked out in his quading outfit and a nice color so we wouldn't loose him.  Joanne had on her lime green so we couldn't loose her either.  We followed the trail just off the gravel pit and continued on to the hydro line.  All sorts of terrain to keep you on your toes and all sorts of footprints and FRESH bear scat full of raspberries.  We kept our eyes open for them.  Saw a couple of partridges on the trails and we saw a pile of used shell casings where someone was obviously target shooting.  We ended our run at a stream where we could cool off a bit.  I should have brought my bathing suit!!!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome Day !
Who needs a bathing Suit ! ! !
Your up north