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Saturday, July 16, 2016


Just a few of the reasons I have been away from this Blog for the past two weeks.  The kids were here plus Jodie's best friend and her beautiful little girl Elsa.  Andrew brought his new 4K drone and got some amazing photos and videos of our place and Axe and Jobam.  We discovered the kids love rocks!!  Who needs toys when you can pick rocks and put them in a tub of water?  Charlie likes to climb trees assisted by Rejean.  They went for walks in the bush with Sam leading the way.  They loved Steve's wagon.  And they relaxed at the bar after a hard day's playing.  They enjoyed sitting in the recliner and watching Finding Nemo and Rio.  I watched these two movies so many times over these past two weeks.  And they loved the water.  I have so many more pictures but I will share them over the next few days.
I had soon much fun.

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