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Wednesday, August 24, 2016


The weatherman said it was going to be nice so a perfect day to finally do the river.   We got loaded up and arrived at the launch spot and got going.  It was also a fishing day - Rejean rigged us up with an ice fishing rod with a good reel on it and we were all set.  We launched at LaFoe which would mean a "short" trip but we took our time and fished our way to the put out spot.  It took us about 3 1/2 hours to complete the trip and we got 8 fish!!  Sandy got a big one that gave her a good fight - especially in a kayak.
I had a passenger for a while who kept getting in the way of my paddling.
The next picture is of Joanne who came over and netted my bass for me.  Good job Joanne!!  And then I got a walleye in a spot that I go to but can never reach the other side of the river where the better spots are except in the kayak or boat.  I knew I would get something there.  Mitch got a nice bass but didn't have a stringer with him so the fish jumped right out of his kayak!!  Then he had another one on that I went to net but it got off.  Still fun to have one on.
Sandy and Barry with their nice stringer of bass and then Rejean with his nice bass too.
It was a great day - we took our time and explored the shoreline and found some good holes.  There were rapids that we took - sometimes backwards!! like me - and rocks to avoid.  The water is so clear and refreshing.  No one capsized and there were no close calls.  The river is shallow in most spots so it is not too dangerous but you do have to be careful.  And we all wore our lifejackets!!!!
I see another fish fry in our future and another day on the Mighty Mississagi.

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so sorry i missed it