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Monday, August 29, 2016


Finally got the time to get the trailer up to Hinkler and spend some time with Mitch and Joanne on the trails.  It was a beautiful day to get started and set up.  We got in a short run down a favourite trail and spotted two grouse - hope they stick around for a couple of weeks for the start of hunting season. There was a bear hanging in camp when we got back taken by a bow hunter.  It wasn't very big - probably last year's cub but exciting for the hunter I bet.  On the way up the Hinkler Road we lost our water tank - thank goodness Mitch and Joanne were following us and noticed the big water tank in the middle of the road.  Easily fixed but a pain in the ass for the weekend.  We got in a good breakfast on Saturday before heading out to find a specific spot - the headwaters to the Mississauga River - a 100km round trip from our trailer.  We had on our rain gear as it was supposed to rain which it did - not heavy but enough that the faster you went the more the rain hurt your face.  We took our fishing gear and Mitch got a nice pike off the bridge.  It was released to fight another day.  On the way back a large otter crossed right in front of us - what a sight.
We returned home on Sunday with the broken water tank.  Once fixed we will return to Hinkler and Joanne and I are taking our kayaks to fish while the guys fix the trailer.
As it should be...

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