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Thursday, October 20, 2016


 One of Rejean's birds

 Some beautiful Tamaracks along the trails

 Me with a "bird" smile under that turtle neck sweater.

We had a lull in our busy schedules so we headed up to Hinkler for a few days to try and get some birds.  We got there Sunday - a beautiful day - and we did get some birds.  Just being out on the trails in the warm sunny days of late October was very nice.  There was still a lot of leaves on the tress and even dragonflies!!  Unheard-of for this time of year.  We did get a total of 14 birds in the 3 1/2 days we were there.  Some nice ones too.  Each bird is a story of how we spotted it and hot we got it.  I will spare  you some of the unpleasant ones.  I am surprised at myself enjoying the hunt and the taking of the birds but they are so delicious I just remind myself of the soups that we will enjoy this winter.
It was also moose season and when we pulled into camp after a morning on the trails, there was a huge bull moose hanging in camp on the Wednesday.  It was so big it didn't even look real but Ron said it was actually a smaller bull.  Hard to believe they get bigger than this one.
We also passed one road that washed out after the big rain storm we had on Monday nite.  It stranded an MNR truck on the wrong side but the driver managed to hitch a ride back home - there will be some repairs done quickly to this road as it leads to some good hunting areas.
I think that is it for our bird hunting this year.  I have enough in the freezer now to do me the winter soup season.  Yum Yum
Have to get ready for my TWO weeks in Florida with my sisters in November.  Can't wait!!!!

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