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Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Terry and Kim and Bruce finished their work yesterday.  We were over doing our thing as well.  We raked and prepared the area for grass seed and helped rake out the sand that now completes the landscaping of Parker's.  What a difference some hard work does to a property.  You can now see the lake and there is a nice pad for a garage in the back plus lots of space for some extra vehicle or trailer or boat parking.
I took some shots of the place from a property around the bay from them.  It is beautiful this time of year but the colours are slowly fading from the vibrant reds and oranges to the mellow yellows and browns.  Still nice.
I saw a bear today not too far from  our place.  Not a big one but last year's cub.  And we had a partridge in our back yard last nite.  I didn't shoot him.

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Andrew said...

Looks amazing, thanks for all your work!