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Wednesday, November 23, 2016


This was our first nite in St Pete's - the night we do our shopping.  We have learned that the cart from Publix locks up as soon as cross a certain perimeter so we "borrow" a cart from Walgreen's to take our purchases home.  We first go to the liquor store for our supply of vodka, margaritas and wine.  We then hit Publix for our groceries then the Dollar Store for shampoo and paper towels etc.  We also picked up some beach chairs for $9.99 - a bargain for sure.  (we leave them with other guests of the Bon Aire when we leave so they can enjoy them).

We hit Happy Hour at Sea Critters - one of our favourite places to go for dinner - the margaritas are delicious as you can see.  I think we each had 3 that night.  Their tomato bisque with a dollop of crab on top is to die for.

We stopped at a little tiki bar down from the Bon Aire to watch the sunset and talked some guy into taking our picture.  We had to sit thru a card trick but it was a good one.  Not too many ladies at that bar but lots of guys.  Not that we were complaining...

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Anonymous said...

So you missed out on the deer hunt this year.
I filled my Doe tag; Yum yum