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Sunday, November 27, 2016


This was where the Scott Sisters spent our last night in St Pete Beach - the Drunken Clam - a little spot right around the corner from our hotel.  All these years and we had never gone there - I guess it didn't look too inviting at times.  But were we wrong.  We decided to go there for dinner and to watch the band who that night were going to be The Surfing' Raccoons.  I didn't know what to expect.  The dinner was delicious.  I had the wings and they were very very good.  Joanne had the tuna and Sue had the Maui Maui - everyone enjoyed their meals.  Joanne and I were drinking Yuenglings and Sue was into her Vodka Tonics.  Then the band came in to set up.  To say the place was small was an understatement.  The place left free for the band looked like it would fit maybe a one person and at the most two person band.  First the drums set up in the corner - then the keyboard was set up.  Next a couple more microphones and a bass guitar.  Then the lead guitar was placed.  OK for a 4 piece band - then we noticed a girl walking in who looked a bit dressed up for the place.  There were 5 people in this band set up in a maybe 5 foot by 5 foot section.  I was sitting at the bar and I was 2 feet from the bass player.  We had the best seats in the house.  And were they good!!!  Started up with the Beatles The Ballad of John and Yoko - what a way to get the place hopping!!  All music that I liked being a person of a certain age.  They played as tho I had given them my playlist of all my favourite songs.  Loved watching the drummer - he was in his own little world.
We all had a few too many drinks and topped the night with a shot of Fireball!!!  Good Stuff!!

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