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Wednesday, February 22, 2017


I was sitting at the computer this morning when I was startled by a huge bang on the dining room window - at first I thought someone had thrown a stone at the window but then I realized it had been a bird.  I looked and it was a partridge which now lay in the snow unmoving.  I realized that it had hit with such force that it was probably dead.  I left it and when I looked back a few minutes later it had regained consciousness and was looking around.  Later it tried to fly but it had most likely broken its neck and died a few minutes later.
Not one to waste an opportunity like this, the bird was harvested and we enjoyed it before dinner dipped in maple syrup,  Marilou is still here and was very pleased with the unexpected treat we all enjoyed.

We think it was the same partridge that has been hanging around our property for a few years and we did feel bad about what happened but we must be prepared to make the most out of opportunities that present themselves - especially the ones that taste this good.

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