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Monday, February 6, 2017


It was Super Bowl Party at John and Linda's last nite.  In the past we have always gone to Bob's garage to watch the game but Bob is in Windsor this year.  He was missed.
There was, as usual, too much food.  I made a chili plus some chili for the chili dogs, there was chicken legs and sweet and sour chicken pieces, cole slaw and veggie sticks and dips.  Not to mention the deserts!!!
Also in attendance was a very cute 8 week old Bernese Mountain dog named Daisey May.  I got down on her level to get some shots.  She put up with me and the flash for a little while, then got up and moved away.
It was a great game and for the first half my team was winning.  But in the end the win went to the team that deserved it.  I learned a few new things - such as the 2 point conversions and that once that ball is over the goal line - even if it is pulled or pushed back - it still counts as a touch down.  It was a good game!!!
We spent the night at John and Linda's because I had a few drinks and didn't want to drive home.  They fed us breakfast!!  It was very good and we enjoyed our sleepover.  We will definitely do that again!!

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