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Wednesday, June 7, 2017


After years of passing the beautiful Lupins in the ditches heading into town and saying that we will dig some up, we finally did it today.  Joanne wanted to plant some and so did I.  We got some beautiful purple ones and some pink ones.  I hope they take and come back next year.  They spread very well.
Then we wanted to head to Driftwood Bay and see what we could get.  We got on the quads and headed out with a quick stop at the old slate mine.  Nothing left there.  We got a couple of good pieces which we managed to get back on the quads.  Joanne brought a couple of beverages and we tried to relax and drink them but the bugs were too bad.  Next time I will wear my waders...


Anonymous said...

Nice shirt Joanne; you must have enjoyed a meal at Melissa's Restaurant, Lynx St. Banff.
We just ate there on May 28th fantastic restaurant and great food.
It was recommended to us by our hotel.
The young man said it was where the locals go to eat.

Dina M said...

Beautiful flowers! May I ask, where is Driftwood Bay?