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Sunday, October 5, 2008

It's That Time Of Year

Just back from my 15k run/walk (1:45:29) and I saw two deer at the Axe Lake road - where I had stashed my water. They just watched me for the longest time but finally bolted - one going one way and the other going across the road. It was beautiful - the trees are in full bloom - the reds, yellows, oranges crimsons etc. just takes your breath away. It is true color and not the colors you get when it is dry.
We got the new wood shed finished and filled it with the 10 cords of wood at the other property. We had
Rick and Joan helping which made it go pretty fast but it just adds to the number of times you touch that wood. I think it is about 10 times by the time you cut it down, measure it, cut it, load it into the trailer, unload it, pick it up to split it, stack it, load it into the trailer and unload it into the wood sheds, pick it up to carry it into the house and up the stairs to the wood stove....ugh. Then you have to clean out the ashes!!!
Jenn and Steve had a good honeymoon here - they blazed a trail into the bush and cleared a spot to build a bunkie!!! Yes we are going to have a bunkie on the property. I'll take pics later. It will be a work in progress because they aren't up here all that long. I told Jenn to get used to working up here as there is always something to do.
I baked with the ladies of Wharncliffe last week - 90 dozen perogies!!! I learned how to roll out the dough - not as easy as it looks. I am pinching perogies in my sleep. tomorrow we do the fruit pies - apple, cherry (my fave) pumpkin pie, butter tarts etc. I am becoming domesticated!!! Who Knew??
Chris called me yesterday just to see if I was still alive. It has been quite busy and I have neglected not only my friends but my blog as well. When things slow down I will be right back at it daily. I promise.
Rick and Joan are up right now, then Stacey, Andrew and Sadie are up next week, then I go back for the marathon, then two weeks later back again for my trip to Florida!!! St. Pete Beach here I come. I can just feel the heat!!! then back for the last week of hunting season then work work work on the new addition. It never ends (thank goodness).
Barb is coming up from West Branch to have a little memorial for Bill - spread his ashes around his beloved Chub Lake - it will be emotional. I miss Bill.
Well I hve recovered from my run so now it is off to rake the leaves on the road - yes we like to keep it clear of leaves. Take care.
See Ya Bye

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