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Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Just thought you might enjoy another beautiful picture of beautiful leaves up here. This picture was taken at Hooverville Landing this afternoon. Ron grew up here and has never seen such colors as this year. The leaves are not stressed as in past years and they have had more than enough moisture so these are their true colors. I must say I am enjoying it - just another perk of living up here.

We spent the day working at the other place. We are caretakers of 4 places other than our own.

It keeps us busy. We were at Joanne's new place - we raked and cleaned up the grounds and started a fire in the cabin to take the chill out. It was nice to feel the place warm up - you got a feel of it. I teased Joanne by always asking about "our" place. They will be very happy there. I feel another Sauna coming on...

Tomorrow I go cook at the Hall. We will be baking butter tarts for the bake sale on Friday and meat pies to sell - turkey, chicken, beef and hamburger pies - $7 for a larger one and $4 for a personal size. And perogies at $1.50 a dozen - almost free. The bake sale is Friday and I have to make fudge and rice krispie squares tomorrow nite for it. Oh domesticated me. Whodathunkit?

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